Remedo Clinitech Private Limited

Remedo is a healthcare based startup in India, which aims at solving the health-related problems by providing clinical support to the patients, inform them about medicines, appointments, and stores their medical history so as to ease the process in case they change the doctor or move to another location.

Remedo also helps doctors enhance their practice, engage with their patients and manage records. All this without changing their existing prescription writing behaviour and any significant investment.

Problems we focused
We wanted to bring everything to the Mobile App Platform for both patient and Doctor’s side.

We focused on launching a MVP version of doctor’s App and extended version of patient Mobile application. So, they had data related to patient App. I helped them do the changes according to the response and add additional functionality on the top of the previous version with limited features they already had.

Our Team
Small team with some analytics, some insights and goals.

Our team included Harsh Bansal (Co-founder, Remedo), Richeek Arya (Co-founder, Remedo)and me as a designer.

Targeted Users

The audience for these mobile applications was the patients, and the doctors in Delhi (NCR) region. With specialised needs for patients of different age groups and needs.


I tried and ended up with a clean and engaging user interface design after many sessions with the Founders, to remove the unnecessary elements, features or data.

The motto was quite clear: Keep everything easily accessible, easy to use and learning should be fun Basically to create a sense of winning after all.

We worked on the previous issues and then added the new features to make the most out of these apps for our users.

Remedo features
Information Architecture
Good UX requires that all information is logical and within reach.

The organisation and division of content should be such that users can find everything when they need it.

Remedo Info Architecture

Once the High-Fidelity designs are created, the maker teams are mostly lost in the colors and sizes. So, the wireframes are the best way to check the functionality of a product before finalizing anything for High-Fidelity.

Redcarpet Flow
Redcarpet Flow
Redcarpet Flow
High-Fidelity Designs
Then after multiple functionality iterations we finalised the Visual Design and yeah Sketch for finishing Visual Designs.
Redcarpet Flow
Remedo High Fidelity 3
Redcarpet Flow

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