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About me

I'm a product designer inspired to solve business problems through designing desired digital experiences.

Problem solver by day,
Problem creator by night.

The most important motivation that helps me get out of bed in the morning is to think about people and their daily struggles around technology.

I love to make digital experiences desirable because I have a slight mix of artistic, business, technical and Innovative abilities.

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On good days I make awesome products,
On bad days I just make them suck less.

Hello, again I am a self-taught experience designer by love and computer science engineer by training, to make the systems simpler for the least painful experience for the people. I started mentoring newbies who want to get started in the design industry as I know the need of an inspiration for I never got the privilege to find one. In the gradual process of learning, I learned to observe things and to acquire a person's positives I'm working with. Working with different startups I have witnessed their beginning, growth, and expansion, getting experience and knowledge in the field of design, psychology, business, marketing and more. But for all this time question still continues to be. "why it's not blue ?".

I am a senior mentor of Geekhub, a community started by us in Our College to pass on the technical knowledge and heritage to our juniors. We have established a culture of Senior-Junior, Mentoring.


Product Design

User Experience Design
Mobile Design (iOS, Android)
Interaction Design
Customer Experience Design
Strategic Design
Usability Testing
UX Audit
Brand Strategy


Ethnographic Study
Competitive Analysis
User Interviews
User Personas
Affinity Mapping
Journey Mapping


UI Design
Crazy 8
Visual Design
Brand Identity


Pen & Paper
Adobe XD
Html5/ Css3

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