I am Rohan Mishra

Product and UI/UX Designer focused on creating digital experiences that make peoples life easier around digital products.

Currently Designing products at Zomato, to make it a farm to fork Food-tech company.

Zomato Projects

Mobile App Case Studies...

Reviews 2.0

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My Role: Product Design

Greenwich- International Travelling Redesigned

I designed a calendar cum travelling application for frequent International Travellers

My Role: Complete Design

Remedo- UI/UX Design

I worked on the Doctor's and Patient's apps UX and Visual design with the co-founders of Remedo.

My Role: User Experience & Visual Design

Haryana Board of Secondary Education

We worked with Maibiz team on HBSE mobile app for students which included features like Result, Timetable, Datesheet and more.

My Role: User Experience & Visual Design

ITC Survey app

I collaborated with Snippt media Pvt. Ltd. on the Itc's research app for the store and products conditions in remote areas from a business perspective.

My Role: User Experience & Visual Design

Genivfy- IVF IUI Specialist

I collaborated with Snippt Media Pvt. Ltd. to help them solve IVF and IUI patients problems.

My Role: User Experience, Visual Design & Prototyping

Brand Identity and Strategy Case Studies...

Woocation Brand Identity

I helped Woocation, an AI startup solving journey experience for people. to come up with strong and more focused brand identity.

My Role: Brand Identity Design

Pydroid Brand Identity and Strategy

We did the Brand Identity for Pydroid, a startup trying to solve the technical education easier for college students.

My Role: Brand Identity Design

Travbook Brand Identity and Strategy

We did the Brand Identity for Travbook, a company for the all in social travel solutions.

My Role: Brand Identity Design

Red2fit Brand Identity

We did the Brand Identity Design for Red2Fit, a clothing brand by Dream Reach fashion.

My Role: Brand Identity Designing

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